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Web Design Vs Digital Marketing which one comes first – Soft Solutions Opinion – Soft Solutions

Web Design Vs Digital Marketing which one comes first – Soft Solutions Opinion

As a professional web consultant and a digital marketer, Soft Solutions has always wonder deeply what are the guiding principles behind making a decision on whether to own a website or not or whether to involve a digital marketing expert in your business decision before heading for a website or not.

Soft Solution realised that the gap between successful businesses or individuals and those that strive so hard to succeed is in the quality of information they have and how well they use the information.

We will be going very deep into this write up and we will consider alot of things. At the end of the day we will come to a joint conclusion on the right procedure to follow when considering or when we intend to make an objective business decision that is expected to bring in a lot of conversion or sales for an individual or a business.

Firstly, what is digital marketing and what is a website?

Digital marketing can simply be defined as any efforts made online that results to conversion of prospective client online into a paying customer. When we consider digital marketing, there are various stages and steps or better put methods that Soft Solution considers as a necessary path to achieving a successful digital marketing results. Some of these methods includes: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Forum Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads and many more.

On the other hand, Soft Solution defines websites as online office where the services, products, concepts or ideas of a business or individual are displayed to the general public so that they can make a decision to buy the product and service of the company or rather buy into the concepts and ideas of the individual.

The sole aim of having a website in most instances is so that we can project what we sell as a company to the general public so that the public and more customers can buy more of the products and services of the company.

Soft Solutions believe that Digital Marketing is an integral part of marketing that requires a business owner and the marketing team to sit down and plan adequately what methods they want to adopt in bringing prospective customers and buyers to their online content that will give them more or better sales each time it is implemented. A web designed website could be seen as an integral part of digital marketing because the contents of any website is what Soft Solutions drive web traffic to online and the quality of these content is what in most cases helps online visitors make decisions on whether to buy online or not to buy.

Soft Solution quite agrees that Digital Marketing and Web Design are never the same conceptually. One is a tool to aid what the other intends to achieve and ultimately both are directed towards achieving the same organizational goals.

When making decision on whether to design or build a site it is most of the time very imperative and important to involve the service of a digital marketer or a web consultant who will sit down with you and do a thorough analysis of your aims and objectives and also what you intend to achieve as a company and through that he or she will be able to come up with a map, strategy and digital marketing concept to implement so that you can achieve the expected result for your company easily

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