Soft Solution is an information technology company that makes use of cutting edge technology in providing different solutions in different areas of business to help in solving various business related problems.

Soft Solution combine our over 13 years of experience in different fields of IT with quality human resources to man different parts of our business processes to ensure that our customers and clients get most value for their various investments in technology.

Soft Solution is driven by modern developments in the technological world and as such we embrace research and development to ensure that we are always on the right path of delivering the right solution to the needs of various business.

Our Business Procedure

  • Research and Development – This is the first stage of working with us after a client has told us exactly what he or she wants
  • Client Interaction – This is the second stage in the development process. Here we tend to do further investigation on what the exact needs of our clients are before proceeding to the next stage in the development cycle.
  • Development – This is the third stage and we may not necessarily involved clients too much in this stage. At this stage, we make use of the various technological resources we have include best personnel for the job to ensure we deliver exceptional service to our client
  • Testing and correction – This stage involves us launching the developed solution so that our client can see and then make further corrections. These corrections are made immediately and this moves the project work to the last stage of the process
  • Delivery – Here we make the project live so that it can be used in the public domain by our client
  • Support – At this stage we provide both technical and after sales support to our clients

Your Dream is our Vision

To serve our customers to the best by delivering technically sound and affordable business solutions while ensuring exceptional customer support throughout the process.